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2 Φεβρουαρίου 2014

Thomas Bainas official !!!

Thomas Bainas was born on 24 August 1973 to Greek parents in Westerholt, Herten, Germany. He grew up with his grandmother in the Northern Greek- Macedonian village of Rizomata in the Pierian Mountains, returned to Germany for high school and studied at the University of Crete, in Rethymno, where he still lives.

As a composer and DJ, Thomas has produced a steady stream of shimmering pop, classical, and dance music.
Over the last decade, he has become an established name in the Italo Disco world, where his music is known for lush electronic soundscapes, sweeping instrumentation, infectious dance rhythms, and a varied mix of other pop and European musical styles and influences. 

"Studio Enigma", where his music is born.
Strongly influenced by the Electronic &  Italo/Euro/Synth music pioneers of the 80s (Jean Michel Jarre, Michael Cretu, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Tony Hendrik,  Kraftwerk, Mauro Farina, Dieter Bohlen, Hubert Kah, Roberto Zannetti, and Martinelli), Thomas's music has evolved into a highly original yet very accessible style based on timeless and nostalgic melodies re-imagined into his own distinctive electronic sound.

"Sexy and seductive are the sounds of Thomas Bainas. It’s a combination of electronica, synth pop, Italo, new age, instrumentals, and traditional Greek music with non-electronic instrumentation. 
Hypnotic, engaging, organic, accessible and versatile, the music paints seductive ethereal soundscapes that are at times ambient, otherworldly, and even a bit dark wave." 
("The Electrogarden Network" Review by Rix Roundtree -Harrison).

1st Album "Electric Storm"  2012 (FM Records - Greece)

1st Album "Electric Storm" 2012

"Electric Storm" is a blend of classic 80’s beats and the new sound of today. This heady hybrid will take your mind into the past, and then transport it into the future. The infectious beats are influenced by The 80's and include stylish instrumental touches of Electronica  and Ambient House.
Electric Storm is filled with haunting, infectious arrangements and excellent grooves. Once they get inside your head there will be no getting them out".
(Review for 1st album "Electric Storm" by "Audio-Sparx" Los Angeles) (more)

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2nd Album "Passion and Desire  2013 (FM Records - Greece)

2nd Album "Passion and Desire" 2013
"Thomas Bainas, DJ and composer, has produced a steady stream of engaging Italo Disco, but with "Passion and Desire" he has stepped up his talents to another level.
 The first cut, "The Journey and The Return" sets the tone with a seductive groove of
lush keyboards and ethereal strings..

"Blue Eyes," an international hit in the Italo Disco underground, is awash with stirring neo-classical piano, over which Bainas, in sotto voce, croons a poignant story of lost love.

 "Andromeda," takes the listener on an intergalactic musical 
journey propelled by a Jean Michel Jarre and Giorgio Moroder-like Euro-boogie groove, while "Angel of my Heart" and "The Passion" features Bainas intoning deeply moving lyrics over a delicious melody.
Other delights include "Waterfalls," "Sonata" "Dark Desire" , trippy tracks with an unstoppable Italo groove, the memorably sentimental "Ocean Blue," and "Atlantis," which features a majestic melody and haunting vocals by Magi X and finally "Muse from Pierian Mountains" and "Perases k eixes sta mallia" two different touches on the work of Bainas.

Thanks to his prodigious productivity, Thomas Bainas has become an established name around much of the Italo Disco world. 
And with Passion and Desire he has given birth to a 12 song opus of wondrous beauty that is sure to expand his popularity into new corners of the world.
 (Review for 2nd album "Passion & Desire' by M. Jaye. Producer/Composer. Los Angeles) (more) 
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3rd Album "Shadows and Reflections"  2016 (Studio Enigma Records - Greece) 

"One cannot say that the music of Thomas Bainas is lacking heroic scope. But then Bainas hails from Greece, a land that knows a thing or three about heroes.
            For more than a decade from his home base on the island of Crete, Bainas has been creating music that explores that ranges in style from New Age to Italo disco.
            On "Shadows and Reflections", his excellent new CD on Studio Enigma Records, Bainas ambitiously takes on several major life force themes, both personal and cosmic.
            Over the 16 tracks on the album, Space Age sensibilities and classical influences are woven into some of the catchiest Euro pop on the planet.

            Kicking off with "The Future Is Now", Bainas' boldly infuses a percolating Italo disco track with Southern European melodic flourishes that build dramatically and then break down to a climax of apocalyptic anomie in a haiku of dystopian despair.
            With "Arrival", things brighten up, with a pleasantly rolling Italo samba driven by 8th note guitars.
3rd album "Shadows and Reflections"
            On "Reflections of You", Bainas' and Mari Kougitaki's sultry vocals re-imagine a steamy love story that recalls Serge Gainesbourg in his Je T'aimeperiod.
            Bainas has a seemingly infinite talent for creating hauntingly memorable Italo disco melodies. Case in point is the splendid "Piano in the Dark", an instrumental that someday may be played 'round the world for brides and grooms marching down the aisle.

            On "Only With You", Kougitaki is again featured in a dreamy duet that blends seductive male and female voices into a tale of love.
            Bainas uses luminous synth and orchestral flourishes on "Sun And Moon (Phase II)" to conjure gorgeously surreal astronomical images.
            "La Passione (Op.II)" finds Bainas' spoken word basso profundo and Kougitaki's plaintive voice joining in a hypnotically sensual love trance.

            A truly spaced-out affair, "Astronaut" begins with a compelling intro complete with Mission Control sound bites that evolve into an expansive Italo epic.
            "Memories of You" is a gently percolating Italo track, and Bainas being Bainas, it is instantly memorable.
            A musical evocation of a raging tempest, "Thunder and Wind", sound effects from nature evolve into a stately Italo processional.
            A majestic yet delicate instrumental, "Enterprise" seamlessly intertwines elements of both ABBA and Italo disco.
            In "The Last Waltz", Bainas concocts an impressive 21st century waltz of his own, that with a bit of luck, discerning DJs will spin at closing time at discos all around the world.

            "Fairy Tale" is an instrumental that's as sweet as a Bavarian layer cake, or pistachio ice cream on the Isle of Crete.
            "Chase the Clouds" begins with a super sexy Italo groove and 80s drums, then builds into something like the best Modern Talking track that never got released, and finally evolves into a wonderful grand piano-driven melody with a soulful ABBA vibe.
            In "Falling Stars", a sexy rap about modern romance builds steadily into a subtle gospel mini groove that keeps things exciting to the very end.
            "High Mountains", a mélange of Italo and traditional Greek themes morph irresistibly to a grandly hook-laden climax.

             If there is anything to quibble about on this highly listenable cd, it's that there are too few songs with vocals. And this is a shame, given the shyly charming vocal chemistry between Bainas and Kougitaki. One would think that, like making love, singing together gets better the more you do it."
(Review for 2nd album "Passion & Desire' by M. Jaye. Producer/Composer. Los Angeles) (more) 

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Thomas Bainas
Ο Θωμάς Βαϊνάς γεννήθηκε τον Αύγουστο του 1973 στο Westerholt- Herten της Γερμανίας από Έλληνες μετανάστες και μεγάλωσε με τη γιαγιά του στο ορεινό χωριό της Μακεδονίας, στα Πιέρια Όρη, τα Ριζώματα. 
Επέστρεψε στη Γερμανία για το λύκειο και από τα 18 του ζει στο Ρέθυμνο όπου σπούδασε στη Φιλοσοφική σχολή Κρήτης και Programmer/Web Designer. 
Παίζει μουσική επαγγελματικά ως DJ τα τελευταία 25 χρόνια παράλληλα ως Κeyboardist και Web Designer. 

Αυτοδίδακτος μουσικός, θυμάται το πρώτο του μουσικό όργανο, μια μελόντικα, ένα δώρο που απέκτησε σε ηλικία μόλις 6 ετών και με την οποία ξεκίνησε τις πρώτες μελωδίες. Λίγο αργότερα απέκτησε το πρώτο του keyboard μαζί με την πρώτη του κιθάρα. 

Thomas and his cat on work
Ξεκίνησε να ηχογραφεί τις πρώτες του μελωδίες με ένα Yamaha PSR-410 και τη βοήθεια ενός τετρακάναλου μαγνητοφώνου παίζοντας πλήκτρα, κιθάρα, μπάσο ο ίδιος ενώ παράλληλα συμμετείχε σε γκρουπ κάνoντας live σε διάφορους χώρους. 

Με ακούσματα από την Electronic & Italo/Euro/Synth μουσική των 80s (Jean Michel Jarre, Michael Cretu, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Tony Hendrik,  Kraftwerk, Mauro Farina, Dieter Bohlen, Hubert Kah, Roberto Zannetti, and Martinelli και άλλους) δημιούργησε το δικό του στυλ που βασίζεται στις δυνατές, νοσταλγικές μελωδίες "ντυμένες" με έναν διαφορετικό ηλεκτρονικό ήχο και ρυθμό. 

Έχει στο ενεργητικό του 3 CD-Album ("Electric Storm" 2012-FM Records , "Passion & Desire" 2013-FM Records, "Shadows and Reflections" 2016-Studio Enigma Records) , μόνιμη συνεργασία με τους Tyrants in Therapy (Los Angeles) και ενορχηστρώσεις σε single του  Ernest Kohl (New York) και της Linda Jo Rizzo (Germany) και Tq (Los Angeles) μέχρι στιγμής όπως και πολλά πειραματικά, ακυκλοφόρητα ορχηστρικά έργα και ολοκληρωμένα τραγούδια με στίχους και μουσική δική του.

"Blue Eyes" No1 in charts (Top80 Radio-Poland)


2012: Thomas Bainas "Electric Storm" 
2013 : Thomas Bainas "Passion & Desire" 
2013 : "Tyrants in Therapy - Perfect Love (Italo Remix by Thomas Bainas)"
2013 : "Tyrants in Therapy - Once Upon a Time (New version by Thomas Bainas)
(Emotional Coathanger Records - USA) (Tyrants in Therapy "Once Upon a Time" (Emotional Coathanger Records - USA) & (Tyrants in Therapy "Once Upon a Time" (Discogs)
2015 : "Tyrants in Therapy - Don't be Scared (New version by Thomas Bainas)
(Emotional Coathanger Records - USA) (Tyrants in Therapy "Don't be Scared" (Emotional Coathanger Records - USA) & (Tyrants in Therapy "Don't be Scared" (Discogs)
2015 : Linda Jo Rizzo feat. Tq - Life is a story (Arranged by Thomas Bainas)
(Linda Jo Rizzo feat. Tq - Life is a story)
2015 : "Ernest Kohl - No Love (4 mixes by Thomas Bainas)
(EMG Universal Music Group Inc - USA)
2016 : "Ernest Kohl - I remember when (Arranged by Thomas Bainas)
(EMG Universal Music Group Inc - USA) (Ernest Kohl - I remember when)

Thomas Bainas on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thomas.bainas
                      on Discogs:  http://www.discogs.com/artist/3317952-Thomas-Bainas
                      on SoundCloud:  https://soundcloud.com/thomasbainas
                      on Vimeo:  https://vimeo.com/thomasbainas
                      e-mail: thomasbainas@yahoo.gr

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